Glenn Mori has a master’s degree in music composition, works as a CPA, and plays in local jazz groups, but he spends most of his free time editing his own fictions. His writing has been shortlisted for The Federation of BC Writers Short Story Contest, has been published by the CBC, and will be included in the 2023 RIZE novella anthology.

Latest blog posts:

  • On: Writing Personal Essays
    I’ve always done some personal writing. Blog entries are one type—early ones that were collecting poker learnings and hand analysis, now fiction writing learnings and analysis—and all the way back to when I kept a personal journal as a college student. Last year the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a personal essay I wrote. I’m told… Read more: On: Writing Personal Essays
  • Writing Backwards
    I’m writing backwards. I’ve tried something similar before, starting from an event, treating it as the effect and then looking for potential causes. And following that with the cause for that cause, and a cause for that cause, and so on. This time, I have a novel in progress. I pantsed the first half, building… Read more: Writing Backwards
  • Finding books to read
    I have difficulty finding books to read using our library’s online system. If you know the author or the title it works great, but when you are searching for good novels across various genres written by authors that you have not previously read and only in ebook form and available right now, it’s not as… Read more: Finding books to read
  • On Mahler, Google, and Romanticism
    I’m listening to Mahler on Spotify. Randomly selected his 5th Symphony because it came up first. I’m using it as background music while I’m working, but I started to wonder why I’ve never been a Mahler fan. I stop to pay more attention. It’s the middle of a movement and I probably should have started… Read more: On Mahler, Google, and Romanticism

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Are you tired of daydreaming about your stories and characters, wishing you could bring them to life on the page? 📝 Whether you’re an aspiring novelist or simply passionate about storytelling, this beginning Fiction Writing Class is the perfect place to start crafting your own tale.

Introduction to Fiction Writing; Vancouver

Introduction to Fiction Writing; Vancouver
Introduction to Fiction Writing; Vancouver

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Next class: February 3, 2024

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