gTm Productions self-titled album

Tracks from a CD I put together many years ago.

None of the tracks have titles; titling is one of the most difficult things for me to do whether it’s a work of fiction or music (except classical where you can call them etudes or name them after the instrumentation).

  • Track 1: An energetic Latin styling featuring marimba melody with hand drums and harp (?!) background.
  • Track 2: A cute song built over the chord progression used in Pachelbel’s canon and elsewhere and featuring a very young vocalist.
  • Track 3: Originally written for solo piano as part of my senior composition recital but now with background strings. Almost pretty, but with quirks. Hagood Hardy with a sprained finger?
  • Track 4: An in-your-face folk song, fiddle melody, banjo background and a blasting accordion.
  • Track 5: Spanish-flavored acoustic guitar duet trading off the melody and with interjections from a trumpet and sax.
  • Track 6: Slap bass and clouds of electronic pads and strings.
  • Track 7: Jazz for late, late night television programs. Snarky Harmon muted trumpet, edgy bari sax and two fisted piano slamming thick chords.
  • Track 8: Anxiety, anyone? This draws on the reactions I have watching Blade Runner or the Jason Borne movies.
  • Track 9: Two songs in one track, the first deteriorates into a cloud of aleatoric improvisation and clears into a melancholic acoustic guitar setting. The first song features multiple time signatures in different instruments. Chiff patch playing the melody is a substitute for a metal-style singer which I did not have available.
  • Track 10: This track pairs with the previous one; same ensemble of instruments. Improvised guitar solo over Phrygian mode in the middle. Track 9 and 10 were written as a three part form. The end of Track 10 brings back melodic fragments from Track 9.

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