bookmark_borderWaiting to start again

The past month has been no writing. Some fiction reading, some learning from “The Longman Guide to Intermediate and Advanced Fiction Writing”, but no writing. My brain has been in a fog, uninspired, drained by a month spent moving from one house to another. If you’re moving, take my advice; don’t try to do it slowly. Too much wasted time and effort picking and choosing what to move first and last, too much panic at the end scrambling to throw the last bits into something and get it moved.

I got my results from the 3DayNovel, which is to say no results; no listing in the winners or top ten. When I finished I thought that I had a chance. I was happy with the results, convinced that I had managed to get a good story line across. But when I went back to the story, during my NaNoWriMo additions, I started to see missing elements. Then after that I tried to paste the sections together and to revise and come up with First Draft 1.1. This pointed out more weaknesses, so by the time the results for the 3DayNovel were due I wasn’t expecting anything. Still, I’ve taken First Draft 1.1 and entered it in Amazon’s contest.

But I do want to get back to writing. I miss the envelopment, the second life, the pushing and prodding of characters and situations. I miss new stories, new people, new curiosities to explore. But I’m just not inspired. Yet.