bookmark_borderShout out: Listthings

I have to give a shoutout to a great free website called Listthings.

Listthings is a site that allows you to write virtual sticky notes. They are automatically saved for you. You can move them, re-size them, select colors for them, and share the entire list if you want some help to brainstorm your ideas.

I’m working on restructuring half my novel. I had visions of covering my wall with hand-written sticky notes, listing scenes and events and placing them in order, then adding new ideas, subtracting others, and re-ordering them all as I went. I wasn’t looking forward to the hand-writing part. I don’t like to use pen and paper if I can avoid it. And some of these notes might need to be large if I wanted to include important details and not just the key or superficial elements. I was beginning to consider using 8½ x 11 lined paper, or typing and printing these notes and using scissors and then glue sticks to create my own oversized notes. Too much like work.

But Listthings allows me to do this with no mess, no cutting, no gluing, and no hand writing!