Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Finally managed to watch this movie. Very nice. Does not fall into all the standard expected story tracks as it progresses.

There were moments, like when Lisbeth Salander is forced to give her guardian a blow job, where I was hoping for a plot element like that she had a wire, but she didn’t. Then she goes back to him a third time with a video recorder. But this time it’s at his apartment and he goes much further, punching her, handcuffing her to his bed, and raping her. Maybe this is more realistic, that a victim who is not a secret agent or detective might not be prepared with a wire the second time but needs to go back a third time to try to trap the abuser. It did allow the story to go to a much higher level of violence. Oddly, after this she’s shown bleeding and sore with a hugely swollen lip, but when she goes back to get her revenge her face is perfectly recovered. I would have liked to have seen some damage still in recovery.

But I loved Noomi Rapace’s arms. Veeery buff. And I liked her intensity playing her character. Apparently there is an English remake being filmed with Rooney Mara playing the role but I don’t see how she’s going to match that intensity.

Maybe simply because it’s not North American Hollywood the movie doesn’t fall into a lot of cliches or standard plots, but I liked that. And I didn’t realize that in Sweden you can wait six months before serving a three month jail sentence? And that during those six months you can fly out of the country to Australia?

The movie is part of a trilogy which is connected with a six part television series. I’m going to have to see the other two now, and before the remake comes out.

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