Writing class

First assignment from a beginners class for creative writing; describe a place using the 5 senses.

Sigh. I knew it was going to be a basics class, but I wanted review of some basics. “Write about a place that you love. Describe it using the 5 senses, or as many as possible.” Then it’ll be read, and critiqued in class next week. This falls under the topic of “settings”.

Even with my current limited background I admitted to more writing than almost all of the rest of the class would admit to. Most popular answer to writing experience was “haven’t done any since high school”. Ah well, they all claim to read a lot and so the critiques will be useful.

A place that I love. Hmm. I’m not one to love places, and my inclination to be obtuse or to be cute leads me to want to pick something like, maybe a place in my own mind or something else that I can come up with that might be as unexpected. On the other hand I have to remember that the exercise is a descriptive one and the objective is to have an existing reality, even if it is only in memory, and reproduce it in the imagination using words. By that measure a fluid imaginary spot goes outside the intended parameters.

Maybe I’ll just have to settle for ordinary, and pick someplace that I at least “like”.

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