Review: Visitor Q (Originally Bijitâ Q)

Dysfunctional family, healed with the help of an outside visitor. Sound like a good storyline?

Now, how dysfunctional can you make the characters, both as family members and as individuals? How about using prostitution, and incest? How about combining the two so that the incest comes about when the daughter is charging the father for the sex, including a surcharge for cumming too early? Is that too wierd? Wait, it gets better. Throw in some family violence. The son, who is being bullied regularly by some boys his own age, verbally and physically abuses his mother while the father ignores them and continues to eat his dinner. Toss in some more prostitution and add in some sexual violence when the mother needs to earn money to support her drug addiction and her client asks her to whip him with his belt. And voyeurism. The father is a failed television newscaster and films himself and his family constantly. He films himself having sex with his prostitute daughter, films his son being bullied and films as his house is attacked by the bullies brandishing fireworks. He has the unknown visitor do the filming while he rapes and kills a former newscast partner when she refuses to partake in the filming of the bullying of the son. Add in some necrophilia when the father takes the body home to dismember but finds himself getting excited. Add some scat when the dead woman’s bowels release while the father is having sex with her dead body. Put in some more violence and indignities to human bodies when the father and mother kill the boys who have been bullying the son and add the three bodies to the woman’s body and begin to dismember them as a family project. And this comes after the mother has rescued the father’s penis from being trapped by rigor mortis in the dead woman’s body by giving the father a shot of heroin.

But wait, the family is saved. The visitor has shown the mother how to lactate and is seen filming her from under an umbrella while she squirts, eventually covering the entire kitchen floor. The son find solace by lying face down in the pool of lactated milk. The wayward daughter comes home to discover the father suckling at the mother’s breast and she joins in at the other breast.

Apparently director Takashi Mike is well known for films in the horror genre, but that’s not something that I’m into so I’m not familiar with his name or work. That background, though, would explain where he gets comfortable with dealing with subjects that are extreme and over the top. Without familiarity with his work I don’t know whether he always ties his stories together with underlying meaning as he does here.

IMDB reviewers were mixed. Some couldn’t take the extremes, others loved it, and some found the movie hilarious. It’s not my cup of tea, but it certainly was interesting.

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